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Planning to visit Mauritius???

Well first thing to think about would be how to do this.. Certainly you would buy your air ticket and would also search online for a good hotel. But what about the guided tour and the travelling across the island or even the transfer from the airport to your hotel. Apart from the coastal regions with the 3 S ( Sun, Sea and Sand) to enjoy, there are also many places inland which you must definitely see if you are making Mauritius as your vacation or honeymoon destination. Our tip would be to find a good offer for travelling across the island.

We would definitely recommend one such service. Mr Sudesh Kumar Chuckowree is a taxi driver who has a driving experience of more than 25 years and also act as a guide to better inform the travellers. He offers the cheapest price as possible for his services. Check his facebook page Mauritius Taxi and make sure to contact him if ever you are looking for taxi services in Mauritius. Either send him a message via facebook or simply call him (230) 57643679.


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